Timeline Management software that is truly dynamic in nature, the software can be configured to meet the needs of most organizations (not just pharma) without the need for software developers.  The interface is very much like what you would be familiar with if you are a regular user of Microsoft Office products.  The system leverages project template libraries to create consistency across the enterprise, it also facilitates very fast reporting of milestone attainment across the entire portfolio.  Highly customizable (no software development needed) context sensitive data input forms ensure the system will match your organizations business process.

Team Management

Team Tracking and Management software driven by templates that allow team members to self-subscribe to teams.  Once a team member nominates himself for a role and approval request is routed to the person responsible for making the decision to accept or reject the nomination.  Once accepted the team member is automatically provisioned to access the systems necessary to perform their tasks.  For some this may mean access to the planning tool, for others it may mean access to only the clinical activities in the financial forecasting tool.  Once team members are off-boarded any access granted by merits of being a team member is automatically revoked.  The system keeps a full history of team membership and can be used in the case of an FDA audit as well as 360 peer reviews and bonus considerations.


Project & Portfolio Management tool with a dynamic UI that allows on the fly creation of input fields, forms, and reports.


  • Pharma R&D Project Template Library (best practice plans that cover everything from drug discovery to commercialization)
  • Dynamic Forms Engine – builds forms on the fly (drag and drop), restricts data input to only those task types specified by form configuration. i.e. Forms will only appear where they are required.
  • Dynamic Custom Fields Engine – Creates and catalogs all new fields, dynamically generates sql for all CRUD operations, generates SQL for reporting engine
  • Dynamic Reporting Engine – WYSIWYG reporting admin that facilitates fast report creation and publishing, allows for on the fly preview
  • Study Gateway – Generic inbound web service that allows for inbound transmission of metadata. This connector allows for updating specific metadata for ANY task and is currently used to push dates into the Gantt. Inbound dates are governed by configurable business rules and are reviewed by project managers prior to being applied to the DB.
  • SAP Integration – WBS numbers are created for each activity and passed to SAP (once authorized by Project Manager) for inbound invoices to be applied (this data is then passed back to Planet for use by Relay)
  • Outbound WCF web service provides project, task, and Relay cost data

Planet utilizes an integration framework that facilitates bi-directional data transfer between Planet and any other enterprise system in your organization.  Our easy to use APIs allow you to move data into the Planet data repository in real time.  With our unique and very powerful GateKeeper functionality, project managers will always have the ability to review, accept or reject inbound data including timeline dates sent in from other systems such as a clinical trial management system or even another planning tool.  Data can come from within your organization or even from a subsidiary or partner.  In todays fast moving world, getting data to the right people in real time can make all the difference.

Financial Forecasting

Financial Forecasting software directly tied to the project timeline that transmits real-time changes in strategy to the finance team and supports a very specialized quarterly forecasting process that involves comparing current forecast to the previous forecast as well as previous forecast to current actual spend in order to refine the forecast quarter over quarter.  With this process Allergan was able to reduce their spending variance from 20% to 1% over a $1.5B R&D portfolio.  This means they were better able to spend their R&D dollars which gave them a huge competitive advantage over other companies in their sector.  Another prominent feature of this software is the ability to delegate collection of the financial forecast down to the people who are closest to the work, this reduces the Project Manager’s workload while increasing accountability for the data’s accuracy for the team member entering the forecast.


Manpower Forecasting software directly tied to the project timeline that transmits real-time changes in strategy to the functional managers who are responsible for maintaining an accurate headcount.  The system provides an easy to use interface for forecasting resource demand by activity and department.

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