March 15, 2018

As the Chief Operating Officer of DataForm, Antonio Biancardi continuously strives to create a work environment that fosters innovation with a strong focus on customer and employee satisfaction. In his role, Antonio is instrumental to the success of the company and has built a world class software development team that is continually producing exciting, innovative, ideas and concepts that DataForm’s customers love.

Charting an Incredible Career

Antonio’s passion for business lead him to apply for a job as a stock broker with no prior experience in 1993. On gaining the position he quickly attained his series 7 and 63 licenses earning high marks on both exams. In this role, Antonio successfully built and managed a $1.5M dollar portfolio of equities and options for his clients. It was during this time that Antonio was first introduced to the world of computers, at first as a hobby but the hobby quickly grew into a new passion. This new-found passion for computers lead Antonio to seek an education in computer programming. Antonio applied his passions for business and computers to charter a successful path, earning positions at a number of companies including a role automating business processes at Brown Brothers Harriman in 1999.

Antonio took on the role of a senior software developer at DataForm in 2001. During his time in this position, Antonio worked in all stages of design and development for Planet LifeCycle, an enterprise project portfolio management system, that integrates planning, finance, resources, and teams. The software enabled global R&D for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company operating on a global scale with an R&D portfolio of almost $2 billion and brought their annual spend variance down from 10% to 1% and reduced project manager workloads by 50%. A major success.

Antonio’s Role Today

In 2007 Antonio returned to DataForm, taking on the role of COO and has helped shape the value-driven mission at the heart of the company. For more than ten years his team has been refining Planet by adding features that help DataForm’s customers streamline business process like cloud-based deployment that supports collaboration for global teams and visualizations that provide valuable portfolio insight at a glance.  Planet aids Biotech, Pharma and MedTech clients accelerate timelines and get products that help people to the market as quickly as possible. Helping customers become more competitive fuels Antonio’s passion, he is delighted to be able to help companies who are dedicated to ensuring people live longer, healthier lives.

An Industry Leader

As COO of DataForm, Antonio is adamant about ensuring customers get tremendous value for the money they spend, he takes a personal approach to ensure DataForm is a true partner. In his own words ‘When our customers win, we win.’ This personal mantra highlights Antonio’s belief that DataForm’s clients are a vital part of the company’s success.

With his hands-on approach, Antonio works to get to know each individual client and supports his team in providing the best possible solution to them. He always has an eye on customer requirements and ensures that the solutions DataForm delivers always satisfy the business need. Antonio constantly aims to work to the highest possible quality level, maximizing efficiency and delivering solutions that clients can trust, on time, and within budget. His reputation has guaranteed repeat business for DataForm and many of the other companies he has worked for.

As a business leader, Antonio has a natural ability to build teams of dedicated individuals where everyone has a voice, everyone contributes equally, and everyone supports one another. Antonio’s never-ending quest for what he calls his “utopian vision” of the perfect workplace where all employees do what they love, in an environment they love; and customers are seeing great value for the money they spend and is what keeps employees and customers very happy. The results are clear, customers consider DataForm a critical partner in their success and Antonio and his teams take great pride in this fact.

Antonio has built up a solid reputation for constantly exceeding expectations. With a high level of creativity and a passion for innovation, Antonio loves helping companies restore profitability, maximize efficiency, and beat their competition to market.

A Bright Future

In his role as COO at DataForm, Antonio has chartered the company towards achievement after achievement. In 2017, Planet Life Cycle was recognized by CIO magazine as one of the leaders in corporate finance technology. In 2018, Antonio continues to drive the team towards exciting new developments for the software, constantly working to improve user experience, usability, and ultimately increasing its value to the companies who use it.

Antonio has a passion to deliver the best software products he can to the market and uses DataForm as a tool to aid industries that makes the world a better, healthier place for everyone. Constantly facilitating and initiating innovation, Antonio is the powerful driving force at the heart of DataForm’s business.

Guiding DataForm’s customers towards operational excellence, Antonio has helped world leaders like Allergan Pharmaceutical boost their competitiveness by helping them keep R&D teams and spend focused on the highest value projects with the most potential and indirectly helped the many customers that use their products.

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