About Our Company
Founded in 1998, DataForm Software is recognized as a technology leader in the development and delivery of robust work management solutions. CEO and founder, Rodney Elliott worked hands-on with early customers – including pharmaceutical companies - to develop cloud-based work management solutions that increased operational excellence. As a direct result, customers that are global leaders, such as Allergan Pharmaceutical, have leveraged the solution to enhance their competitiveness. Today DataForm empowers enterprises of all sizes to transform and accelerate their businesses.

Rodney Elliott, Chief Executive Officer

Rodney Elliott, Chief Executive Officer

For more than 20-years, Rodney Elliott has been a technology visionary accelerating the growth of enterprises with innovative work management solutions. Rodney lead to the development of cloud-based work management solutions that increase operational excellence for pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses. Rodney, enjoys being outdoors playing golf and soccer, and when he can he goes fishing.

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Anthony Michelotti, Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Michelotti, Chief Financial Officer

Tony is a seasoned and diversified business executive with expertise in finance, accounting and operations.  Tony was classically trained on Wall Street and has a track record of making contributions to the company’s vision, financial strategy, team leadership, driving change and improving business efficiency.  Tony enjoys golfing, fishing and skiing.

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Antonio Biancardi, Chief Operating Officer

Antonio Biancardi, Chief Operating Officer

As a technology and operations leader for over 20 years, Antonio has a track record of accelerating business outcomes for international enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. Antonio led the team that developed DataForm Software’s flagship product, Planet Life Cycle – a robust work management application that merges strategic and financial planning with execution. Antonio is consistently striving to enable customers to achieve operational excellence. In his words, “When our customers win, we win.” Antonio, in his spare time, enjoys roasting coffee and brewing beer.

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Our Mission Statement

To empower our customers to transform and accelerate their business.

Our Core Values

At DataForm Software, we abide by a core set of values that embody our standards of practice, and ultimately, the quality of our products, services, and relationships.
  • Value-Driven Innovation: As the economic and technological landscapes evolve, we are in a continuous conversation with our customers – striving to surpass their expectations of what is possible – to evolve their businesses as market leaders. Our Innovation is driven by our passion to bring value to our Customers.
  • Uncompromising Integrity: Uncompromising integrity is a critical element of our relationships and delivery. We have a tenacity to deliver on time and on budget. We are true to our word. We always put forth our best efforts to meet our customers’ needs. We believe in timely communication of the truth, we always tell it like it is. We are trustworthy, we stand behind our work and are rigorous in our Quality Assurance.
  • Deep Understanding: We believe when our customers win – we win. We have empathy for our customers’ pain points. Listening is our most powerful communication tool – with a deep understanding of our customers’ goals – we leverage our experience and knowledge to collaborate on value-driven solutions.
  • Spirited Teamwork: We are an interdependent, diverse team of open-minded, highly engaged individuals, inspired to relentlessly deliver our best performances. We are resilient problem solvers – every voice is valued and respected as an essential part of our agile team. We are accountable, and take pride in our accomplishments, individually and collectively.

Bigger Purpose

The Advancement Of Planet Provides Organizations Within The Life Sciences The Ability To Bring New Discoveries To Market Faster.

Our bigger purpose is to contribute by developing planet as an instrument to enhance the R&D lifecycle and effectively helping people live longer and get more time.

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