Answer All the Common Multi-Dimensional Questions with Ease

Consider for a moment some additional commonly-asked questions that if not for Planet, would require people to manually construct answers using data from multiple systems.

1. "What's our actual spend on this project compared to forecast? How are these amounts different from what we believed would be the case when the project started?"

2. "What is our aggregate spending on a specific category (rolled up)?"

3. "Can you show me the cascading goals for this project? For this team? For that person?"

4. "What is the financial and time impact of a new regulation for POCs conducted in an early development stage? A late development stage?"

5. "What can be learned from past R&D projects that resemble this one?"

A primary advantage of the Planet Platform is that it was designed as an R&D program management platform from the ground up, so financial planning is linked with project planning, which is linked to resource allocation, which then ties to team member collaboration and ultimately, reporting. This not only makes project and financial plans more accurate, it makes multi-dimensional questions easier to answer.

Company Overview

DataForm Software develops and delivers R&D Program Management solutions based on its patented flagship product, Planet, which fully integrates financial planning, project and team management, and analysis and reporting. The company helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies measurably reduce administrative cost, improve resource utilization and expedite development timelines, thus bringing products to market faster, helping people and contributing bottom line benefits. Based in Fairfield NJ, DataForm Software has been committed to innovation and collaboration for 20 years. .

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