Planet Answers Your Toughest Questions with Ease

Managing complex R&D projects over their lifetime typically involves manual creation of reports and hundreds of spreadsheets. But executives and R&D team leaders don't have time to wait for vital information to be assembled from multiple systems. What's our actual spend on this project compared to forecast? How does this differ from our initial budget? Can you show me the cascading goals for this project, for a team or for a person? What is the financial and time impact on all of our R&D projects of a new regulation introduced by the FDA? What can be learned from past R&D projects that resemble this one?

Planet's reporting and analysis integrates data from multiple systems, giving decision-makers and complete historical and forward-looking view of every project.

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A DataForm Software Success Story

DataForm’s client is a global, $90 billion multi-specialty health care company with leading portfolios in eye care, neurosciences, medical dermatology, medical aesthetics, obesity intervention and urologics. The company strives to build on its multiple strengths and move decisively into exciting new areas of specialty medicine where opportunities to truly make a difference in patients’ lives are greatest.

R&D Program Achieves Unprecedented Success
Strong Research and Development (R&D) execution is essential to achieve the company’s objectives. At a cost of nearly $800 million in 2010, the company’s world-class R&D efforts have been particularly productive. R&D represents a critical component of its values and culture, filling the pipeline and fueling the company’s growth by finding new opportunities to help patients in areas of substantial unmet need. The company is very successful with more than 10 significant product approvals achieved in 2010...

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Company Overview

DataForm Software develops and delivers R&D Program Management solutions based on its patented flagship product, Planet, which fully integrates financial planning, project and team management, and analysis and reporting. The company helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies measurably reduce administrative cost, improve resource utilization and expedite development timelines, thus bringing products to market faster, helping people and contributing bottom line benefits. Based in Fairfield NJ, DataForm Software has been committed to innovation and collaboration for 20 years. .

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